Rwanda Missioners

Dan and Kari Hanlon

Dan and Kari, formerly in youth ministry at Redeemer, are now serving
as our Missioners to Rwanda. They live fulltime in the capitol city of
Kigali and are supported by Redeemer and others who stand with them in
this important ministry of connection.  The Hanlons work alongside
Rwandans seeking to develop and implement trainings for pastors and
other church leaders who would otherwise have little biblical,
theological or ministerial training, while also assisting in the
ongoing effort to develop discipleship programs within local churches.
Dan, after being ordained in the Anglican Church of Rwanda, serves as
a pastor within a local congregation in Kigali.  Their son, Josiah, was born in Rwanda
in February 2013, and their daughter, Norah, was born state-side in 2014.

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