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The new year is here, and that means it will soon be time for Redeemer’s annual meeting! This year’s meeting will now be held on Sunday, January 29th, from 11:45-1:45pm.

Typically this is the time of year in which we have received nominations for new vestry members. However, given the transitional period we are in as a congregation, our Bishop, Todd Hunter, has approved keeping the same vestry without additions. Bishop Todd also approved adding Deb Webber as a voting member of the vestry in order to meet the minimum vestry member requirements set forth in our bylaws. The congregation will vote on Deb becoming a voting member at the annual meeting. Deb currently serves as our treasurer and has participated as a non-voting member of the vestry for several years, including through all the conversations and decisions of the past year. We will not be receiving nominations for new vestry members at this time.

Look for more details coming soon about the annual meeting. In the meantime, please continue in your prayers for our vestry, staff, and other leaders as we seek the Lord’s will for our congregation.