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COR@9: Grief that Goes Somewhere

We’ve all experienced grief. Loss, suffering, betrayal, injustice — these are all an unavoidable part of living in a fallen world. For many of us, they feel far too close to home. Sometimes our grief becomes a barrier to our faith, for the Church hasn’t always done a great job of creating space for grief in worship.

Currently, COR@9 is exploring lament and grief through focused study of the Psalms. In this new series “Grief that Goes Somewhere: The Psalms of Lament,” we are asking questions like “What sort of things are appropriate to say to God and to one another in our grief?” “When is Lament just complaining?” “What do I do with all these terrible thoughts and feelings?” and “What does Lament have to do with Worship?” Dr. Dana Harris, Dr. Ingrid Faro, Blaise Brankatelli, and Deacon Amanda Rosengren are leading us in a closer look at what the Psalms teach us about grief over ourselves and our world. Participants are also invited to create and share their own Psalms of Lament over the course of the series.

COR@9 meets every Sunday at 9 a.m.  Childcare and coffee are provided.  For more information, please contact Deacon Amanda.


Week 1: Introduction to Grief, Psalms, and Lament (Deacon Amanda Rosengren, Dr. Ingrid Faro)

Week 2: Individual Lament: Psalms 42-43 (Dr. Dana Harris)

Week 3Individual Lament, Lament Over Sin (Psalm 13, Psalms 38-39) (Dr. Ingrid Faro)

Week 4: Corporate Lament: Psalm 79 (Dr. Dana Harris)

Week 5: Imprecatory Psalms: Psalm 137 (Deacon Amanda Rosengren)

Week 6Jesus and NT Lament (Blaise Brankatelli)

Week 7: Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People? Psalms 73-74 (Dr. Dana Harris)

Week 8: Lament in Holy Week: Psalm 55 (Deacon Amanda Rosengren)

Guide to writing Psalms of Lament

Spy Wednesday Psalms of Lament

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