The Rev. Donald Nwankwo

Donald Nwankwo attends Church of the Redeemer with his family. He is a bivocational priest – an Anglican priest in the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains who also works as a Sr. Logistics Data Analyst. He has a nurtured interest in the relevance of the faith in ordinary life. He often recounts how, among other shaping tools, God has used his work with data and logic to shape his sense of call in Christian ministry. Just as his work with data is not done until the numbers can leap out of the reports and, correctly interpreted and analyzed, present clear logic that leads to good business decisions, so his pastoral drive is in seeing God’s truth and acts intersect meaningfully with our lived realities and experiences.

Born and raised in eastern Nigeria, Donald insists that’s about as African as it gets. Becky, his wife, is American born from Central Illinois. This “collusion of the cultures” resulted in three beloved children. They live in Lake County, Illinois.