We continue to collect food for the local Highwood food pantry run by St. James Catholic Church.

Most needed donations include the following:

– 1 lb. bags of rice, dried black beans, or dried pinto beans
– canned mixed veggies or canned green beans
– peanut butter

Donations of personal or hygiene items are discouraged, with the exception of toilet paper. You can drop off items on our front porch if no one is in the office. You can also write a check and designate the funds to go to the St. James food pantry (contact our office to learn more). Thank you for your generous giving to those in need.

We are also supporting the local efforts of the Northern Illinois Food Bank, who organize a mobile food distribution in Highwood every Friday. We will be participating in the food distribution on Friday, July 24th. Volunteers (ages preteen and up) are asked to plan on serving from 3 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. as well as to bring and wear a mask. We are also in need of 5 individuals to arrive early to set up and greet early arrivals. Sign up here, and contact Chelsea Weeldreyer with any questions.