Online gifts to Church of the Redeemer can be submitted via Zelle,
which is available at many banks.

This service transfers funds from your bank account to the church without any fees, either as a one-time gift or as a recurring donation. While donations can still be given using credit cards, please keep in mind that a transaction fee is deducted from the amount that you give. Using Zelle is a helpful way to avoid this fee.

  To submit donations via Zelle you will need to:

  1) Login to your online bank account and go to the menu feature that offers wire transfers via Zelle.
  2) Add the church email address as a recipient:
  3)  Specify where you would like the donation to go in the memo:
  • “T” for Tithe (General Fund Giving)
  • “B” for Building/Homeward Donations
  • “C” for Rwanda/Carlsons
  • “H” for Rwanda/Hanlons
    *NOTE: If your gift is not designated as noted above, it will go into the church general fund.*
  4) If we do not already have your contact information, please send your email address to the church office so that we can send you a receipt.


If you have questions about whether or not your bank offers transfers via Zelle or how to use that function online, please contact your bank directly.
Other questions can be directed to Heather Cordero (Church Administrator).

Email Heather