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Despite the challenges of COVID, we continue to press in to the learning journey on race we’ve begun.

Though we weren’t able to finish our original series “Renewing Our Minds on Race” in person, we continue to engage prayerfully through a series of conversations.

We are excited to welcome David Swanson to join us via Zoom for our next conversation! For majority-white congregations such as Redeemer, sometimes conversations about race can seem abstract or make us feel powerless. We might recognize the deep problems that the “narrative of racial difference” has caused but not know what to do about it. Or perhaps we shy away from talking about being white at all, because we fear we’ll just get the message that white is bad or shameful. How can majority-white churches move beyond denial, powerlessness, or cheap diversity to embodied solidarity with Christians of color?

That’s the question Pastor David Swanson tackles in Re-Discipling the White Church.

David will join us on Saturday, September 19th, 9:30-11:30 a.m. via Zoom. His book is well worth a read, but you don’t need to have read the book the join the call. To receive the information for this Zoom event, contact Deacon Amanda or sign up to receive our emails.

NEW: Reading the Bible in Color

One of the core affirmations of the Christian faith is that all human beings are created in the image of God — and that God always intended to create a people of all nations, tribes, ethnicities, and languages to worship him. One of the implications of that ‘biblical anthropology’ is that the image of God is expressed more fully when people of multiple cultures are represented. This Fall we are offering a series as part of our Conversations on Race in which we have the opportunity to “read Scripture with” — with Christians who come from other racial/ethnic backgrounds than many of us at Redeemer. We’re excited to see what we might learn through these conversations — about God, about Scripture, and about us.

First up: a conversation with Dr. Esau McCaulley! Dr. McCaulley is an ACNA priest, a professor at Wheaton College, and the author of a brand-new book, Reading While Black: African-American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope. He will join us via Zoom on Tuesday, October 20th (7:30 p.m.). Reading While Black brings Esau’s experience and background growing up in the black church into conversation with Scripture, yielding insights particularly pertinent to the present cultural moment. For more information, please contact Deacon Amanda.

If you’re interested in reading Dr. McCaulley’s book with others, the Diocese of C4SO is hosting a series of discussions in September and October, which will culminate in a province-wide Zoom call! Learn more here.


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