We’re just weeks away now from our upcoming Redeemer team visit to St. Michael’s in Musanze, Rwanda, and Sonrise School. We want you to know that you are a part of this team, although you are not physically traveling there, and that you are needed, in a variety of ways, to make it happen.

The Rev. Jay Greener, Jason Miller and Mark Rosengren will be traveling to Rwanda June 14-27, to spend time with church leaders, meet those involved with St. Michael’s (our sister parish) and Sonrise School. They will be absorbing all they can so that we can learn as a church what God is calling us to in this relationship. Their time there will also involve laying groundwork for a follow-up Redeemer visit next year.

Here are some ways you can join the team:

Newport Coffee Celebrate

Come to Newport Coffee in Bannockburn on May 30th from 6-9 for a special time of Rwandan coffee and live music. You’ll have opportunity to record a video greeting to be sent along with our team, and you can contribute financially. This is open to the entire community, so bring some friends with you. The owners of Newport Coffee are promoting this to their regular clientele, so this will also be a great outreach event for our church. The more people from Redeemer that are there to connect with those who drop in, the more better it will be.


The Church of the Redeemer prayer team would like to invite all members of the congregation to join them in support of this ministry effort. There are several opportunities for the COR family to support Jay, Jason and Mark in prayer. One opportunity is to commit to a specific time and day of the week to lift each of them up in prayer for their safe travels and that the Lord’s will be accomplished on the trip. Another opportunity is to join with others at the Wednesday night prayer service held from 7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. at the EC church in Highland Park. A third opportunity is to select a day to pray and fast for the ministry team. A fourth way to support the ministry team is to faithfully pray through the prayer card provided to the congregation. Continue to look for more detailed prayer requests in future announcements.


For us to physically go to Rwanda will speak volumes to the people there about our intention to be in relationship over time. This is the 15th anniversary of the genocide, so it is an important time to stand with them. It is not cheap to go, but it is the only way to communicate the value of this partnership, and also to receive what they have for us. Your specific gift to this work, over and above your tithe, is a gift directly to that relationship and the work of encouragement in the Gospel. Thank you. You can make a check out to Church of the Redeemer, and list “Rwanda Trip” in the designation line.

Any funds received in surplus will go towards future Rwandan visits for Redeemer.