We want to share our deepening relationship with the church in Rwanda, and especially that of our sister church, St. Michael’s. Since 2009, we have sent many teams to Rwanda, and have welcomed visitors. We invite your prayers, support and encouragement. This relationship is between two Christ-centered communities of faith, not particular individuals, and you are invited to be part of the journey.

Rwanda Reunion

Over two hundred clergy and lay leaders from every diocese in the Anglican Church of Rwanda (PEAR) and representatives of churches in North America gathered to celebrate their common journey, to encourage one another, and to begin to dream about the way forward.  Meeting in the capital city of Kigali, the two-day event featured bible [...]

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Renewing Old Stones

Musanze Rwanda, two hours northwest and several thousand feet higher than the capital city of Kigali, features a beautiful and lush landscape with ancient volcanoes towering over the horizon.  Volcanic stone, one of the hardest known, also forms the foundation of Shyira Diocese’s old cathedral—long out of use and neglected.  That is about [...]

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A special friend of Redeemer, Archbishop Laurent Mbanda, entered his new role as leader of the Anglican Church of Rwanda this summer, and with it took up the leadership of the Gasabo Diocese. According to the canons of the Rwandan church, Archbishops assume leadership not only of the Province, which covers the entire country, but [...]

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A Rwandan Ordination

11.18.18 An ordination service in Rwanda is something of a mixture between a wedding and graduation. For the ordination service today, of which Ethan Carlson, was one of several people being ordained to the Deaconate and others to the Priesthood, the cathedral was packed. People were sitting outside of the cathedral to be part of [...]

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Marking Time

My trips to Rwanda are mostly about people.  Friends we have made over the years here in the Shyira Diocese and in Kigali, in the other intrepid pilgrims you meet along the way in airports and security lines, and especially our own families who have come to live here for a season, whatever time that [...]

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Enthroning a Bishop

It can be hard, sometimes, for those of us from more ‘flat’ organizational structures to understand how hierarchy functions in the church in many places.  Its a good reminder, actually, that the church is not a democracy—was never intended to be, and that godly authority is important to healthy community and faithful gospel ministry. It [...]

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Five Days

By Jake Slaughter I’ve been in Rwanda for five days now. I find it hard to believe even as I type it out. It certainly hasn’t felt like five days. Since the moment we landed I’ve been trying to keep up with the whirlwind of information being thrown at me. I desperately don’t want to [...]

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Sharing Vocation

Today was a day of deep connection as Canon Jay met with the ordinands of the Kigali Diocese to share insights on ordained ministry. Those being ordained on Sunday, both Deacons and Priests, men and women, have been involved in a week-long retreat learning about pastoral ministry in advance of their ordination. Most have already [...]

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