Back Home

Well, we're now back in the central time zone, having arrived Sunday about 24 hours later than originally planned.  Not bad, considering all the potential mis-connections in two weeks away.  We did a quick inventory and realized we had each slept in 7 different beds in two weeks...for Mark it was 8.  So if we;re [...]

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'You have no options'

We remain in London at a hotel near Heathrow after our United flight was cancelled due to mechanical failure. Apparently, the airplane was flown back to Chicago empty for repairs. When I found someone in the airport to ask about the situation, I asked her what our options were. She replied, "You have no options." [...]

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St. Michael's

What does it mean to partner with a church on the other side of the globe? Are we bold enough and humble enough to think such a thing possible? It’s this quest and all of the surrounding issues that brought us to Rwanda this summer, having been asked to enter a ‘sister’ church [...]

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Dance and Sing

One of the great things about visiting Rwanda is the music--particularly in worship.  There are six choirs at Sonrise School, and they each sing at each worship service  (three each for the Primary and High School).  This is one of the reasons the services run as long as they do, and it gives an opportunity [...]

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Taking it In

We are spending a few days resting following the time in Rwanda before we head home. This is not just “down” time or a chance to have ‘fun” (although I hope that will happen), but we have been drinking from a fire-hose the last week, and while it has been tremendously refreshing we’re [...]

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Out of Africa

Just a quick update on our journey... we made it to London this morning. I will be attending a ministry conference on the role of prayer in the mission of the church hosted by the Proclamation Trust UK. I'll also be meeting with some church leaders and friends while I am here, and generally beginning [...]

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Rwanda elects new Bishops for AMIA

NOTE:  The following news  happened while we were in Rwanda, so we have included it as part of the blog.  The man in the photo second from right, Grace Mugabe, was our host during our Kigali stay. Meeting recently in Rwanda, the House of Bishop of the Anglican Church there elected new bishops [...]

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Conversations at Sonrise School

Today, we spent much of our day touring Sonrise Primary School and Sonrise High School. The tours were thorough and informative, and it was exciting to talk with some of the staff and students about the impact God has made on them through Sonrise. We were especially grateful to spend some time talking in more [...]

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