March 17, 2012 Graduation

Today, the 17th of March, was the second graduation in Sonrise School history. In the prior evening, it appeared there was a chance of rain, but not one raindrop did fall that night or on this day. The sun was shining and the wind provided a gentle and comforting breeze to all of us in [...]

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Rwanda March 15th

Today (Thursday the 15th) Pat Daley, Dan Hanlon, and myself spent much of the day with Pastor Deo. Pastor Deo has been called to many ministries, but two of them are prison reconciliation and reconciliation villages. These villages are where victims and perpetrators of the genocide live together and work together in the hope that [...]

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Rwanda Day 1

Today we started our day by paying a visit to Pastor Sam. The joy he had in seeing Pat and myself revealed true friendship. He wasn’t glad because he had to be glad, he was glad because he was glad. His friendship with us shows friendships can be made even over great distances, and these [...]

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Rwanda Night 1

On the way to Rwanda, we spent a day in Brussels, Belgium. There, we ran into Pat Daley’s old friend, Robert, who immediately made us feel at home. We spent much of the day at Waterloo, site of the famous battle in 1815 where Napoleon was defeated for the second and final time. The term [...]

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