On the Streets

If the video is not showing above, click the following link to see how small and vulnerable many of these street children are — http://vimeo.com/21435383 Like many cities around the world, Kigali has many homeless children that live on the streets, facing disease, extreme hardship and violence. But the problem here has been made more severe [...]

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Da Guys

Last night my traveling companion for the last week caught a flight back to the States. Pat needed to head back to work while I stay two more days for additional time in Kigali with the Anglican Diocese and Pastor Deo Gashagaza of Prison Fellowship. Some may remember Deo's visit to Redeemer in the last [...]

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Anyone who has travelled far from home knows how exhausting it can be. Heavy schedules, unusual hours, sleeping in strange beds and adjusting to new foods can leave the traveller longing for home and some rest. But along with the great experience of being in new places is getting to know others on the journey, [...]

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Sonrise Graduation

Even several hours of steady rain could not dampen the spirits of Sonrise School's first graduates, their families and friends. Hundreds were on hand for the three (plus) hour ceremony at Musanze's outdoor stadium, where the grandstand is covered. The thirty-eight graduates entered the stadium from the far side and processed around to the presentation [...]

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Still Crazy After All These Years

Today I did the most dangerous thing I will do in Africa: I rode across Kigali city on the back of a motorcycle taxi. I know, I know...it's crazy. But I was stranded far from the guest house and needed to use whatever means were available, and Susan wasn't here to tell me I couldn't. [...]

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A Capitol City

We are spending a couple of days in Kigali, Rwanda's booming Capitol. To be here is to be overwhelmed with sensations and stimuli, from people in every direction, to the smell of the air (something's burning) to frenetic traffic. I don't know where to look, there is so much happening. Before 1962 Kigali was [...]

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Allons-Y. (Let's Go.)

We're on our way again to Rwanda--the next steps in our ongoing journey with brothers and sisters in E. Africa. On route we pass through Belgium, staying a day to adjust to the time change and catch our flight to Kigali the following day (tomorrow the 15th). The first thing I do upon [...]

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