Some Final Thoughts

Its my final morning in Rwanda, and I'm sitting on the Hanlon's veranda, overlooking the capitol of Kigali as it begins its day. Like most high-altitude cities the days can begin cool, but as the sun climbs heat builds quickly, especially this close to the equator. Its been a very full trip, and one that [...]

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Space, Time and a Rwandan Sunday

By Ethan Carlson   The concepts of time and space fascinate me. The Sunday services have concluded here in the Shyria dioceses, but the worship at Church of the Redeemer (or "Redeemer Church", as we are known in Rwanda) has only just begun. It's already "tomorrow" in the home country of today's preacher at Redeemer, [...]

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We've now been in Kigali Rwanda for two days, and its been a very full time of reconnecting, and becoming reacquainted with Rwanda's unique and profound story of reconciliation. Church of the Redeemer has two families that live and serve here full-time (the Hanlons and Abrahams). These are dear people who are very much a [...]

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Fascinating Threads

Ok, so I'm admitting right up front that this post will have limited appeal. But if you're one of those who is curious about the thing behind the thing, then read on. Its no secret that Anglicans (and others) approach the visual side of worship in a way that can seem strange to free-church evangelical [...]

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