The Making of a Canon

Sundays are big days for pastors. That seems to be doubly true in Rwanda. But yesterday was an especially big day at the cathedral in Musanze: it was a day on which nine deacons were ordained, four deacons were made priests, and two men were installed as Canons of the Shyira Diocese. One of these [...]

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Telling Stories

  Jay interviews Pastor Maurice on his work of healing and reconciliation in the church. One of the things that I'm doing in Rwanda is research for my .MLitt dissertation at St. Andrews, due to be completed this summer.  It's been an interest of mine for some time to write about the ways [...]

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A Kigali Sunday

Today was a special day at St. Etienne Cathedral--at least for me.  It was the Feast of Pentecost, and there were many languages, cultures and backgrounds represented.  I also preached one service with a translator, testament to my lack of the ability to speak in the needed tongue of the hour.  But it was only [...]

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A Brief History of (our) Time

On the day that I departed the US (Sunday the 12th), Vestry member Michele Becker presented a timeline of our relationship and connection with Rwanda.  We wanted to do this because many of our newer folks at Redeemer are not aware of how these relationships began and developed, and its a good reminder for all [...]

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Chez Dan and Kari

The sun has set behind the Kigali hills, and the smoke from fires in the valleys rises to hang, weightless, on the horizon.  It's the end of another day and a reminder that I finally made it.  I hit the ground running Wednesday night and have been busy since, while still trying to adjust to [...]

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In the EuroZone

Travels to Africa are always an adventure---even if uneventful.  It appears that this trip will start like a lot of them--with flight and travel issues.  I'm stuck in Brussels awaiting a technical issue with Brussels Airlines, hopefully to be resolved by Wednesday. I learned early this morning that there is a baggage handlers strike on, [...]

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