We want to share our deepening relationship with the church in Rwanda, and especially that of our sister church, St. Michael’s. Since 2009, we have sent many teams to Rwanda, and have welcomed visitors. We invite your prayers, support and encouragement. This relationship is between two Christ-centered communities of faith, not particular individuals, and you are invited to be part of the journey.

Finally Seeing (the) Sonrise

By Natasha Carlson   Some of you may know that I've wanted to visit Rwanda for quite some time. One of the major reasons for this was my desire to visit Sonrise School. Being a teacher increased my desire, but I also felt a connection to the school as a member of Redeemer. After hearing [...]

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Bishop Samuel Mugisha

Sam (Center) is led forward by two bishops to make his vows Sunday was a remarkable day in Musanze as the whole area came together to consecrate Rev. Sam Mugisha as the new bishop of the Anglican Shyira Diocese. Bishops represent not only leadership and authority in the church, but also community life [...]

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A Medical Milestone in Butaro

I have wanted to visit the Butaro hospital in Rwanda for several years, having heard a number of great things about its mission. What I didn't realize is that its located within the region of the Shyira Diocese. So last Saturday Bishop Mbanda, Bishop-elect Sam and I drove several thousand feet up into the hills [...]

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Missionary Style

One of the greatest privileges of coming to a place like Rwanda is the opportunity to connect with friends--people that are loved and known, and each visit makes those connections deepen and grow. That's true whether they are Rwandans, or very close family like the Hanlons. They moved to Rwanda five years ago from Church [...]

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St. Nicholas and the New Europe

Traveling to Africa from Chicago almost always means going through someplace else, and these airline pathways usually follow the route of the old colonial powers, centered in England, Germany and Belgium, among others.  My trip to Rwanda is taking me through Brussels, where I stopped a day to make the best plane connections. Today is [...]

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Here Comes the Rain Again

Traveling to Rwanda involves careful preparation.  While there has been much development over the last ten years, especially, it still serves the traveler to be aware of things to take along on the trip, such as medications and other items that you may not be able to purchase.  It also means being aware of the [...]

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Sunday in Musanze 

The children's choir at St. John the Baptist Cathedral Sundays are always big days in the Rwandan Anglican Church. They start early and run long, marked by joyful and exuberant worship services. When we come to Rwanda it's important that we participate in worship services, not only to signify our unity together in [...]

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