Last night my traveling companion for the last week caught a flight back to the States. Pat needed to head back to work while I stay two more days for additional time in Kigali with the Anglican Diocese and Pastor Deo Gashagaza of Prison Fellowship. Some may remember Deo’s visit to Redeemer in the last couple of years.

Its been good to be here with Pat. He’s a real people person, and everywhere we go he is a great connector. Sometimes I have needed to have one-on-one conversations with folks, and he has really helped to create space for me for that. When I preached in the cathedral he came to offer his support, even though he had already been to a 2 hour worship service Sunday that began at 7:30. There have been many moments of just hanging out, sharing observations and insights, and quite a bit of laughter.

If you want to get to know someone–really know them, go on a trip across the world. I’m grateful for Pat’s commitment to Redeemer’s Rwanda relationships, and his willingness to come here again to express that. On top of all that, we had just a great time.