Today I did the most dangerous thing I will do in Africa: I rode across Kigali city on the back of a motorcycle taxi. I know, I know…it’s crazy. But I was stranded far from the guest house and needed to use whatever means were available, and Susan wasn’t here to tell me I couldn’t. Besides, it sounded like a St. Patrick’s Day kind of thing to do.

I would like to describe it for you, but not sure it would help. Let’s just say that if you’re of the thrill seeking variety (which I am not, usually) you’ll get it. If not, nothing I could say would sound like a rational defense.

My driver, named Innocent (that helped calm me a little) was good natured, friendly, and competent. I think the speedometer was broken, but it wouldn’t have made a difference, I think. At any rate, I got it out of my system…until next time.
Peace from Kigali.