Anyone who has travelled far from home knows how exhausting it can be. Heavy schedules, unusual hours, sleeping in strange beds and adjusting to new foods can leave the traveller longing for home and some rest. But along with the great experience of being in new places is getting to know others on the journey, either new friends or people we have already met. Going to a place multiple times allows you step into the flow of activity, and not just be a “tourist”. Some will come to a place like Rwanda and be forever changed. Others will come multiple times and not allow the situations and people to alter their strongly held views. Mark Twain noted that travel is fatal to prejudice, and that can be very true. It certainly puts you in relationship with others, dependent on their good graces and hospitality, and forges unexpected friendships. Come to Rwanda, cross the country, or visit Wisconsin, but don’t go alone. Its a good metaphor for life.