On the day that I departed the US (Sunday the 12th), Vestry member Michele Becker presented a timeline of our relationship and connection with Rwanda.  We wanted to do this because many of our newer folks at Redeemer are not aware of how these relationships began and developed, and its a good reminder for all of us.  It was powerful to hear it in one “go”, to know that it is something that God had inaugurated, and that although it has evolved somewhat as the situation in Rwanda and at Redeemer has changed year by year, it has deepened on the personal level for many.

It’s a vital part of identity as a congregation, and its something that is felt here, as well.  Every time we come, or when someone from Rwanda visits us, we step into a river that has a deep and meaningful history, as well as a trajectory that points forward.  It truly is a journey.

Read Michele’s comments.