Travels to Africa are always an adventure—even if uneventful.  It appears that this trip will start like a lot of them–with flight and travel issues.  I’m stuck in Brussels awaiting a technical issue with Brussels Airlines, hopefully to be resolved by Wednesday.

I learned early this morning that there is a baggage handlers strike on, and that my checked luggage would probably not arrive in Rwanda until the weekend.  So I went back to the hotel, took everything out of the three bags I have and repacked, in order to give me the best combination of clothes, etc in the meantime that I can take in my carry-on.  Basically it meant redistributing clothes (packed carefully over several days) and not bringing gifts, etc with me.  Essentials only.

Once I made it through check in (with a heavier than usually allowed carry on bag) I learned that the flight was cancelled.  So–all in a day’s trip.  Not sure where I’ll be tonight, but I may get to visit Brussels city centre.  Hopefully I’ll arrive, with all necessary baggage, in Kigali tomorrow night.  Until then, I’m stuck in the EuroZone.