imageIts my final morning in Rwanda, and I’m sitting on the Hanlon’s veranda, overlooking the capitol of Kigali as it begins its day. Like most high-altitude cities the days can begin cool, but as the sun climbs heat builds quickly, especially this close to the equator.

Its been a very full trip, and one that has proven to be timely. We came to visit and to bring keyboards to Sonrise School. That we did–there were also many hours of meetings, sharing, prayer and walking together with both Rwandans and westerners who are living here. For the ex-pat community, its a small place, where they all tend to know one another and travel in overlapping circles of work and influence. It doesn’t work to be a loner here—that leads to fruitlessness and burnout. So friends often lead to other friends, etc etc. So there’s been plenty of people time.

I also had opportunity to meet privately with Anglican Archbishop Rwaje at his request. That was a good and rich time, and helpful, especially with all that is circulating in our relationships with Rwanda and the larger Anglican Communion. I’ll be able to share more with our congregation soon, and in person.

Last Saturday was a highlight, as we presented the keyboards to Sonrise students and chaplains. What a response! I even got to play the first notes on them, then turn them over. Already they are being used in worship and education here—a gift that was not expensive but will enhance their already exuberant worship gatherings. I’m very grateful to all who contributed and prayed for this time, and who will continue to support the school.

Finally, maybe the most important time here has been that spent with our families–the Hanlons and Abrahams. I’m convinced that we need to have more people come to Rwanda and visit them, for encouragement, prayer, companionship, and to see their life. It means a great deal, and both sides receive rich gifts. The world keeps getting smaller, in so many ways. I would encourage you to think about coming, even for just a week. Do some cultural preparation in advance (we can help with that) then make plans. Come to visit our missioners, see Sonrise School, the overwhelming natural beauty of Rwanda and maybe even the gorillas. God has given us this relationship. Its ours to tend and nurture.
Many blessings! Amahoro (peace).