DSC01641Traveling to Rwanda involves careful preparation.  While there has been much development over the last ten years, especially, it still serves the traveler to be aware of things to take along on the trip, such as medications and other items that you may not be able to purchase.  It also means being aware of the weather, since Rwanda gets very heavy rains several times a year, and when the rain comes, it can last for hours, or even days.  Rwanda only gets about 5 inches a rain more per year (on average) than Chicago, but while Chicago’s precip is more or less spread evenly across the calendar, Rwanda gets its 40 plus inches of rain in just several months, especially March, April, and November.

This was true on our most recent trip, just concluded.  The night before we arrived, over 50 houses in Musanze were destroyed by storms, and there were days when we watched it rain for hours on end.  This isn’t usually a gentle soaking rain, but a deluge—that just keeps on coming.  So we always travel with rain gear at this time of the year (still inadequate, but better than nothing) while the locals just go about their business, and dry out when they can.

The result, when its not catastrophic to buildings and roads, is a landscape more green than you can imagine, with vistas of waterfalls, green hills and flowers of all shapes and vibrant colours.  Its at this time of the year Rwanda is at its most beautiful and breathtaking.

Plan a trip–come during rainy or dry seasons.  Allow us to help you to make connections and enter into the joy of the relationships we have in this most spectacular and special place.