We’ve finally arrived and settled in on this particular journey to Rwanda, after what felt like a really long trip getting here.  Following the terror bombings in Brussels our usual way of getting here from Chicago ( 2 flights–straightforward) became three flights (two overnight) with long layovers.  It meant we had very little sleep on the way and have been trying to catch up.

It’s great to be with Dan and Kari again, enjoying them, their children, and their very warm hospitality.  In connecting with them and also the Abrahams (we hope to be with them tonight) we’re doing some of our most important work.  They labor here throughout the year many thousands of miles from family and friends, and that takes its toll.  So just the time together is part of renewing and encouraging, and we all benefit from it.
This morning Dan and I are working together at a local coffee shop–one that has a children’s play kitchen (where Josiah likes to ‘cook’).  It’s rainy season here, and things are beautifully green and lush–something we can view from the coffee shop’s many windows.  Dan is often here working on his computer, meeting with people from the church, etc.  It’s sort of a Newport Coffee for Kigali, since I have a similar way of working back home.

Tonight we’re hoping to be all together for dinner, bringing love and support from Church of the Redeemer to our people here.