Today was a day of deep connection as Canon Jay met with the ordinands of the Kigali Diocese to share insights on ordained ministry. Those being ordained on Sunday, both Deacons and Priests, men and women, have been involved in a week-long retreat learning about pastoral ministry in advance of their ordination. Most have already received theological education and these days have been dedicated to practical issues around ministry. Jay’s particular assignment was share on something that is often neglected in seminary and other types of pastoral preparation–namely, clergy self-care.

“This is largely an affirmation that the principle of the sabbath should be present in our lives, and that as we call people to rest and worship in the Lord, we should also honour this in our own lives of leadership,” observed Canon Jay, who in addition to being Rector at Redeemer is also a Canon in Rwanda’s Shyira Diocese. ” We also talked at length around boundary issues, in time, money, health and personal relationships,” Jay added.

Our group from Redeemer, including Jake Slaughter, the Carlsons, Kari Hanlon and children will travel to Musanze for the weekend where they will be part of worship services at the cathedral, and connect with Sonrise School and St. Michaels. Thanks for praying for this ongoing visit, which continues through next week.