It can be hard, sometimes, for those of us from more ‘flat’ organizational structures to understand how hierarchy functions in the church in many places.  Its a good reminder, actually, that the church is not a democracy—was never intended to be, and that godly authority is important to healthy community and faithful gospel ministry. It requires a leader to have willingness to be open, to learn, to listen and to be humble in service, but also willing to make the right decisions even when difficult.  All of that is seen, at its best, when the church appoints godly leaders, and they wear the mantle with prayer, respect and care.

Bishops, or overseers, have been a part of the leadership pattern in the church from its earliest days, and in certain traditions, such as Anglicanism, bishops retain an important role.  On Sunday we saw that symbolized and embodied in the installation of Bishop Sam Mugisha to lead the Shyira Diocese.  This is literally called an ‘enthronement’ as the bishop takes up his chair (cathedra) in order to lead, guide, and serve.

Muzungu (white person) Canon in the midst of the Shyira Clergy

In a five hour service Bishop Mbanda handed authority over to Sam, through the Archbishop, and many people were present to give words of encouragement and wisdom.  The pastors renewed their vows of allegiance and the various ministries of the diocese welcomed the new bishop and pledged their support.

Bishop Sam and his wife, Jackie, want to greet all of the Redeemer family and send along their love and prayers, grateful for the relationship that we have in the Lord.

~Canon Jay

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