We seek to serve Redeemer kids and their families as we adjust to this “new normal.”

Through the month of July, kids ages 2–9 are meeting together. Starting August 14th, we plan to divide into two classrooms (ages 2–5 and 6–9). Thanks to all of our teachers and helpers, who are providing meaningful fun and helping our kids grow in the Lord.

We will continue with Sunday morning youth group for ages 10-13, starting July 11th, facilitated by our Youth Ministry Coordinator, Nancy DeWeese. Find more details on our youth webpage.

Godly Play Stories
Redeemer Youth

Children are whole people, capable of worship, discovery and experiencing God.

On Sunday mornings this is seen in the way that we worship with the children in our midst and the way that we facilitate worship for the children in developmentally appropriate spaces created just for them. Children participate in the parts of the larger worship service that they can easily relate to, such as music and Eucharist.

During the time that the adults receive from the Word of God, the children experience the Word at their own level through the curriculum of Young Children and Worship.

They hear stories from the Bible in a way that encourages engagement through play and creativity. All other activities for children and families throughout the year flow from this model of connection and worship.

Children are not a nuisance or disturbance within the worship context, but rather a vital and essential part of who we are as the Body of Christ. We believe that children can connect with God and know him at a very young age, and can also minister to others.  It’s our goal to support and encourage that development in meaningful ways.

We are committed to the safety of our children.

Every person who serves with our children has gone through safety training and passed a background check. In addition, we require two adults be present at all times in our classrooms.

Currently on Sunday mornings, here’s what you can expect in each of our classrooms:

  • 0-2 years: Nursery Care
  • 2-4 years: The toddlers and preschoolers hear a story told through Godly Play, and then are invited to respond in an age appropriate way (such as a craft or a song).
  • 5-9 years: The older children also engage with a Bible story told through Godly Play, then are allowed to choose how they respond to hearing God in the story (such as through prayer or creative activity).


Youth ages 10 and up begin in worship with their parents and leave following the Scripture readings for a time of worship, returning for Communion. On occasion, the youth remain for the entirety of the service.