COR@9 (“Church of the Redeemer at 9 a.m.”) is a unique opportunity to grow in knowing God and one another.

When COR@9 is in session, we gather before our Sunday morning worship for an interactive time of learning and discipleship.

During part of the year, we focus on studying Scripture. In the past we’ve studied a specific book of the Bible, done a three-year survey of the Old and New Testaments, and gone through a series on the Lord’s Prayer. We’ve also studied books such as One.Life by Scot McKnight and covered topics such as justice, the Book of Common Prayer, and spiritual gifts and practices.

During the other part of the year we continue our series “Encountering God through Story” in which people from the congregation share their story of how God has met and shaped them in their life.  Whichever series we are in, our goal in COR@9 is not just to gain more information about God, but to be transformed by the living God through his Word, his Spirit, and his people.

Currently in COR@9
Resources from Past Series
Here’s what people are saying about COR@9:

I came to COR@9 and found friendship, excellent discussion, and deepened relationships.

I began attending Redeemer regularly in the Fall as COR@9 started their series.  The interactive discussions and challenging of the ‘status quo’ thinking helped me get to know others and drew me into community.  Thanks for sharing all your thoughts.

Probably the most precious thing about these morning discussions has been getting to hear from each other.  A lot of the ideas and challenges had been put to me in a classroom setting, which is interesting.  But they’re ideas which are meant for a church to work through, not a class.  So seeing my church ask big questions about community and the kingdom was so encouraging.

To get to ask difficult questions and talk about scary things in a group of people who are NOT the exact same age and life experience as me has been so precious and formative for me.  This newer, discussion-table-based version of COR@9 has become a very important part of Redeemer for me.

What I enjoyed and benefited from the most were the new and enriched friendships.

Book: good.  Discussion: great.  Facilitation/tactful handling of discussions: impressive.  Overall: pretty darn good.