People travel a lot of different paths to reach Church of the Redeemer. We come from a variety of backgrounds and represent just about every stage of life. Whatever your situation, we welcome you and believe you will find this a good place to connect with others as you experience the healing and transforming presence of God.  Here are a few specific ways to connect more intentionally with our community:

Newcomer’s Lunches

Every few months, we host a meal after worship in order to get to know those new to our community and help them get to know us.. These lunches are an opportunity to get to know others who are new, hear from some of our leaders, and ask questions you may have. Contact our office, subscribe to our e-updates, or watch the calendar for information about our next lunch.

Discover Redeemer

Twice a year we offer a four-week series of courses designed to cover the basics of what’s important at Redeemer and what we believe God is doing among us.  We talk about our story, our worship, what we believe, how to be involved, etc. Contact our office, subscribe to our e-updates, or watch the calendar for upcoming classes.

Community Groups

Redeemer has a number of home groups that meet throughout the region in order to offer fellowship, encouragement and a place where we can be known. Read more about our Community Groups.

Coffee with the Pastors

If you would like to meet with our pastors over coffee, please feel free to contact the office or one of Redeemer’s pastors directly.